Earthwise PS43008 Electric pole chain saw

Earthwise PS43008 8-inch Electric Pole Chain Saw

Electric pole chain saws – The PS43008 is easy to assemble but the instructions are not very clear. Which results in some problems, like someone who complained that the saw didn’t cut well but after reassembling it it cut through branches like a warm knife through butter. The problem was probably that the chain was put on backwards. You can prevent this by studying the small diagrams that come with the chain saw. Also make sure you buy some chain saw oil, as the Earthwise PS43008 electric pole chain saw doesn’t come with any. The electric pole saw also seems to collect a lot of wood/debris under the casing which can eventually stop the chain from working. When or before this happens you should get rid of the wood under the casing, just make sure that you unplug it first!

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