(Pole)Chainsaw 101, how to use a chainsaw and do maintenance like a pro!

Pole chain saws and normal chainsaws are dangerous and can be expensive.
Many people get hurt every year by chainsaw related accidents, many of which could’ve been prevented if the user knew exactly how to use a chainsaw or pole chain saw and how to do proper maintenance.

I’m Brad Farser, I’ve worked at a chainsaw dealer and service centre for many years and in that time I’ve seen many people come in with a chainsaw that they probably could’ve fixed themselves or even prevented from breaking down in the first place, but instead they come to a service centre and get charged money they could’ve saved.

Then there are the people that come to the counter with a chainsaw they chose, but when I ask them what they will use it for, in many cases it is the wrong pick.
These are also the customers I am most worried about that they will injure themselves as they don’t realize the danger they are putting themselves in, nor do they know proper chainsaw techniques.

I wrote this e-book to explain in an easy way how to use a chainsaw or pole chainsaw safely. How to do maintenance to save you an expensive trip to a service point or dealer and to help you to find the right (pole) chainsaw for you. Knowing how to use a chainsaw or pole chainsaw and how to do maintenance can prevent you from hurting yourself and your wallet.

With this e-book you will:

  • Know what (pole) chainsaw is right for your purpose.
  • Know how to handle a chainsaw in a safe way. Minimizing the chance you or others around you get hurt.
  • Be able to do maintenance on your own chainsaw, saving you a lot of money in service costs and greatly extend your (pole) chainsaws lifespan.
  • Know exactly how to deal with common problems and malfunctions.
  • Learn techniques on how to use a chainsaw or a pole chainsaw.
  • Learn how to limb, trim, fell and buck a tree
  • And much more!

This e-book really can be a life and money-saver. Don’t be a danger to yourself and become an expert for only $8,00!

How to use a chainsaw or pole saw

Get it right now for only $8,00!

(instant download)
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1 Comment at "(Pole)Chainsaw 101, how to use a chainsaw and do maintenance like a pro!"

Astro Gremlin February 28th, 2012 (#)

Tool Girl, well, that’s way cool. Have used the pole saw and lopper. Have used a chain saw (a lot). But this is an amazing tool. Would want to get at a position well away from where the branches drop, hard hat or no. They come down like lawn darts. Job number one with chain saws: not getting hurt. Like the idea of sawing at a distance!

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