Remington RM0612P Electric Pole Saw

Remington RM0612P 6-inch 6 amp Electric Pole Saw

Electric pole saw – The RM0612P has a 6 inch low kickback bar and chain, which is a bit on the small side but for most users it is enough. It is corded so you don’t have to worry if you still have gas left or if the battery isn’t empty. This means that this electric pole saw is easy to use around the house.
This is not the first Remington pole saw we review, we also reviewed the Remington RM1015P. Both Remington electric pole saws have their advantages, the RM0612P’s (the model we are reviewing now) main advantages over the RM1015P are that it weighs less and it is a bit cheaper.

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Remington Pole Saw RM1025P

Remington Pole Saw RM1025P 10-Inch 8 Amp Electric pole chain saw

Electric pole chain saws – With its 15ft. reach the Remington RM1025P electric pole saw is a great solution to get rid of branches that are normally out of reach. The RM1025P has an 8 Amp motor that drives a saw with a 10in. low-kickback bar and chain. The electric pole chainsaw can also be used as a normal pole-less chainsaw, without the use of tools. The pole chainsaw is corded, making it less portable than for example the B&D NPP2018, but it also eliminates the trouble of having a full battery at all times or having fuel around. It is ready to use right away, just plug it in and begin. No worries of running out of fuel or power with a corded electric pole saw.

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